Geometrize  1.0
An application for geometrizing images into geometric primitives
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oNgeometrize< Energy function passed to the image task worker thread
||oCAboutDialogModels the UI for the vendor info, license details, credits etc
||oCAppSplashScreenImplements a splash screen for Geometrize
||oCCommandLineEditModels the UI for the command line in a graphical script console
||oCCompletionBoxLine edit that facilitates searching task templates with an autocomplete drop-down list
||oCCreditsDialogModels the UI for the developer, artwork, localization etc credits pages
||oCElidedLabelLabel that elides text that does not fit within it
||oCGlobalPreferencesDialogModels the UI for a tabbed preferences dialog for application-level preferences. Note this is a modal dialog, task-specific preferences are edited elsewhere
||oCImageTaskExportWidgetThe ImageTaskExportWidget implements a widget for accessing and using the image task exporters e.g. for exporting image task shape data to JSON
||oCImageTaskImageWidgetThe ImageTaskImageWidget implements a widget for viewing and manipulating the images that an image task works with
||oCImageTaskRunnerWidgetThe ImageTaskRunnerWidget implements a widget for manipulating and changing the settings of an image task e.g. the number of times to mutate each shape the task generates
||oCImageTaskScriptingWidgetThe ImageTaskScriptingWidget implements a widget for manipulating scripts that are run when an image is being geometrized e.g. before/after a shape is added
||oCImageTaskShapeScriptingPanelThe ImageTaskShapeScriptingPanel models the UI for the script editors for controlling image task shape setup, mutation etc
||oCImageTaskStatsWidgetThe ImageTaskStatsWidget implements a widget for statistics relating to image task progress, such as the number of shapes created so far
||oCImageTaskWindowEncapsulates the UI for manipiulating, running and viewing an image task that geometrizes an image
||oCLanguageSelectListImplements a widget for selecting the application language/locale from a list of options
||oCLanguageSelectWidgetImplements a widget for selecting and viewing the application language/locale
||oCLaunchWindowModels the UI for a launchpad for opening new task templates and recent tasks
||oCLicenseDialogModels the UI for the software license text and notices
||oCOpenUrlDialogModels the UI for the dialog box users can enter URLs into to open remote images or webpages
||oCRecentTasksListModels the UI for a list of recently opened tasks
||oCRunScriptDialogModels the UI for picking scripts to run, and specifying script options
||oCScriptConsoleModels a command line and output window
||oCScriptEditorWidgetImplements a widget for interactively editing a Chaiscript function
||oCTaskItemWidgetButton that opens/shows a task when pressed (such as a recently opened image, when used on the recently-opened items list)
||oCTaskQueueWindowEncapsulates the UI for creating, configuring and executing a collection of tasks that geometrize images
||oCTemplateButtonButton that opens a task template when clicked
||oCTemplateGridModels the UI for a dynamic grid of project templates
||\CWelcomeWindowModels the UI for a quickstart tutorial/welcome page shown to users on first launch
||\CFlowLayoutImplements a layout that arranges components in a directional flow, like lines of text in a paragraph. The layout adapts to changing window sizes, a little like the Swing FlowLayout. It is based on the Qt Flow Layout example
||\CDownloaderHelper class for downloading files over the network
||oCGlobalPreferencesModels the preferences associated with the application as a whole. These mostly represent application-wide settings that are edited via the tabbed preferences widget
||\CImageTaskPreferencesModels the preferences associated with an image task
||oCAreaOfInfluenceShapeItemGraphical visualization of a shape that the user interacts with to control where shapes are spawned/mutated as an image is geometrized
||oCTabletEventDataData produced from a Wacom pen/tablet event (in the context of a graphics view)
||oCCustomTabletEventTablet event (specifically from a Wacom Pro pen) that can be passed down to items in a graphics scene
||oCImageTaskGraphicsViewModels a graphics view for viewing the images and shapes used and/or produced by image tasks
||oCImageTaskPixmapGraphicsItemModels a pixmap graphic item that goes into the scene for an image task. This usually represents a pixmap of the working image that is being transformed into shapes
||oCImageTaskPixmapSceneModels a graphics scene for viewing the pixmap-based results of image tasks
||oCImageTaskSceneModels a graphics scene for viewing the results of image tasks
||oCImageTaskSceneManagerThe ImageTaskSceneManager manages the scenes representing the graphical state of the shapes It mostly works to synchronize their state and provide a single interface for handling scene events
||oCImageTaskSvgSceneModels a graphics scene for viewing the shape data of an image task as an SVG
||\CSvgItemSVG graphic that is drawn as part of a scene
||\CGeometrizerEngineEncapsulates script-based setup and mutation methods for geometrizing shapes
||oCGlobalPreferencesDataThe GlobalPreferencesData struct represents the data for the global application preferences
||oCImageTaskPreferencesDataThe ImageTaskPreferencesData struct represents the preferences data for an image task
||oCStreamViewDefines a custom stream buffer view that allows Cereal to work with Qt resources packed into executables. This is necessary because Cereal uses istreams directly, but we need to work with Qt resources
||oCStringVectorDataThe StringVectorData struct represents a vector of strings (as might be used for a history of terminal input, for example)
||\CTemplateMetadataThe TemplateMetadata struct represents the metadata (such as license information) for a task template
||\CStringsMethods for getting miscelleanous translatable strings
||oCImageTaskTransforms a source image into a collection of shapes approximating the source image
||oCImageTaskWorkerTransforms a source image into a collection of shapes. It is made to be run on its own thread to avoid blocking the UI
||oCShapeCollectionWrapper for the vector of shapes that have been added to the image task so far
||\CSynchronousImageTaskTransforms a source image into a collection of shapes approximating the source image. A wrapper around the asynchronous ImageTask class, this blocks when stepping the model. This is a convenience class for use in scripts and console programs where we would rather block/wait when geometrizing something
|oCTemplateManifestMetadata for a task template
|oCRecentItemModels an item that was recently interacted with
|oCRecentItemsEncapsulates a list of items that were recently interacted with. The class keeps a record of these items stored in preferences. Useful for keeping track of recently opened files
|\CTabletProximityEventFilterThe TabletProximityEventFilter captures tablet enter/exit proximity events (like when Wacom pens are held close to the screen) Used to hide the cursor so it doesn't get in the way of wherever the pen is being held