Geometrize  1.0
An application for geometrizing images into geometric primitives
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geometrize::TemplateManifest::TemplateManifestImpl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 TemplateManifestImpl ()
 TemplateManifestImpl (const std::string &manifestFilepath)
 ~TemplateManifestImpl ()=default
TemplateManifestImploperator= (const TemplateManifestImpl &)=default
 TemplateManifestImpl (const TemplateManifestImpl &)=default

Public Attributes

serialization::TemplateMetadata m_data

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

geometrize::TemplateManifest::TemplateManifestImpl::TemplateManifestImpl ( )
19  {
20  }
geometrize::TemplateManifest::TemplateManifestImpl::TemplateManifestImpl ( const std::string &  manifestFilepath)
23  {
24  // Templates can be bundled into Qt resources, so we use a streamview that loads the file contents into a byte array first
25  serialization::StreamView streamView(manifestFilepath);
26  std::istream input(&streamView);
27  try {
28  cereal::JSONInputArchive archive{input};
29  m_data.load(archive);
30  } catch(...) {
31  assert(0 && "Failed to read template manifest");
32  }
33  }
void load(Archive &archive)
Definition: templatemetadata.h:32
serialization::TemplateMetadata m_data
Definition: templatemanifest.cpp:38

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geometrize::TemplateManifest::TemplateManifestImpl::~TemplateManifestImpl ( )
geometrize::TemplateManifest::TemplateManifestImpl::TemplateManifestImpl ( const TemplateManifestImpl )

Member Function Documentation

TemplateManifestImpl& geometrize::TemplateManifest::TemplateManifestImpl::operator= ( const TemplateManifestImpl )

Member Data Documentation

serialization::TemplateMetadata geometrize::TemplateManifest::TemplateManifestImpl::m_data

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