Geometrize  1.0
An application for geometrizing images into geometric primitives
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geometrize::dialog::AboutDialog Class Reference

The AboutDialog class models the UI for the vendor info, license details, credits etc. More...

#include <aboutdialog.h>

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Public Slots

void on_closeButton_released ()
void on_licenseButton_released ()
void on_creditsButton_released ()

Public Member Functions

 AboutDialog (QWidget *parent=nullptr)
virtual ~AboutDialog ()

Protected Member Functions

void changeEvent (QEvent *) override

Private Member Functions

void populateUi ()

Private Attributes

Ui::AboutDialog * ui

Detailed Description

The AboutDialog class models the UI for the vendor info, license details, credits etc.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

geometrize::dialog::AboutDialog::AboutDialog ( QWidget *  parent = nullptr)
16  :
17  QDialog(parent),
18  ui(new Ui::AboutDialog)
19 {
20  setWindowFlags(windowFlags() & ~Qt::WindowContextHelpButtonHint); // Remove question mark from title bar
21  ui->setupUi(this);
22  populateUi();
23 }
void populateUi()
Definition: aboutdialog.cpp:56
Ui::AboutDialog * ui
Definition: aboutdialog.h:40

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geometrize::dialog::AboutDialog::~AboutDialog ( )
26 {
27  delete ui;
28 }
Ui::AboutDialog * ui
Definition: aboutdialog.h:40

Member Function Documentation

void geometrize::dialog::AboutDialog::changeEvent ( QEvent *  event)
48 {
49  if (event->type() == QEvent::LanguageChange) {
50  populateUi();
51  ui->retranslateUi(this);
52  }
53  QDialog::changeEvent(event);
54 }
void populateUi()
Definition: aboutdialog.cpp:56
Ui::AboutDialog * ui
Definition: aboutdialog.h:40

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void geometrize::dialog::AboutDialog::on_closeButton_released ( )
31 {
32  close();
33 }
void geometrize::dialog::AboutDialog::on_creditsButton_released ( )
42 {
43  CreditsDialog dialog(this);
44  dialog.exec();
45 }
void geometrize::dialog::AboutDialog::on_licenseButton_released ( )
36 {
37  LicenseDialog dialog(this);
38  dialog.exec();
39 }
void geometrize::dialog::AboutDialog::populateUi ( )
57 {
58  setWindowTitle(tr("About %1", "The title of the 'about' page with information about the application").arg(geometrize::strings::Strings::getApplicationName()));
63  ui->buildInfo->setText(tr("Build Info:", "Technical information about the way the software was built follows") +
65  " " + "(" + geometrize::version::getBuildDateTime() + ")");
67  ui->runtimeInfo->setText(tr("Runtime Info:", "Technical information about the platform the software is running on follows") +
73  ui->copyrightNotice->setText(geometrize::strings::Strings::getCopyrightNotice());
74  ui->personalWebsiteLink->setText("<a href=\"" + geometrize::constants::DEVELOPER_WEBSITE_URL + "\">" + geometrize::constants::DEVELOPER_WEBSITE_URL + "</a>");
75  ui->projectWebsiteLink->setText("<a href=\"" + geometrize::constants::PROJECT_WEBSITE_URL + "\">" + geometrize::constants::PROJECT_WEBSITE_URL + "</a>");
76 }
QString getRuntimeCpuArchitectureName()
getRuntimeCpuArchitectureName Gets the architecture of the CPU that the application is currently runn...
Definition: versioninfo.cpp:23
The core developer's personal website URL.
Definition: constants.h:12
QString getBuildOperatingSystemName()
getBuildOperatingSystemName Gets the name of the OS the application is built to run on e...
Definition: versioninfo.cpp:38
QString getBuildAbiName()
getBuildAbiName Gets the full architecture that the application was compiled for. ...
Definition: versioninfo.cpp:55
static QString getCopyrightNotice()
getCopyrightNotice Gets a copyright notice for the application.
Definition: strings.cpp:19
static QString getShortApplicationDescription()
getApplicationDescription Gets a short description of the application.
Definition: strings.cpp:14
The project's dedicated website URL.
Definition: constants.h:11
QString getApplicationVersionString()
getApplicationVersionString Gets the application version as a string in VERSION.MAJOR.MINOR format e.g. "1.0.0", "2.7.13".
Definition: versioninfo.cpp:13
QString getBuildDateTime()
getBuildDateTime Gets a string that describes the date and time the application was built...
Definition: versioninfo.cpp:33
Ui::AboutDialog * ui
Definition: aboutdialog.h:40
static QString getApplicationName()
getApplicationName Gets the name of the application.
Definition: strings.cpp:9
QString getRuntimeMachineHostName()
getRuntimeMachineHostName Gets the system's runtime host name, if one is set.
Definition: versioninfo.cpp:18
QString getRuntimeQtVersionName()
getRuntimeQtVersionName Gets the version of Qt that the application is currently running on...
Definition: versioninfo.cpp:28

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Member Data Documentation

Ui::AboutDialog* geometrize::dialog::AboutDialog::ui

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