Geometrize  1.0
An application for geometrizing images into geometric primitives
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1 #pragma once
3 #include <cassert>
4 #include <string>
5 #include <sstream>
6 #include <vector>
8 class QWidget;
10 namespace geometrize
11 {
13 namespace util
14 {
20 void printToConsole(const std::string& str);
26 void printToAllScriptConsoleWidgets(const std::string& str);
32 void messageBox(const std::string& str);
37 void debugBreak();
49 bool fileExists(const std::string& filePath);
56 bool directoryExists(const std::string& dirPath);
62 bool directoryContainsFile(const std::string& dirPath, const std::string& fileName);
69 std::string readFileAsString(const std::string& filePath);
76 std::vector<std::string> getFilePathsForDirectory(const std::string& dirPath);
83 std::vector<std::string> getSubdirectoriesForDirectory(const std::string& dirPath);
91 std::vector<std::string> getFilesWithExtension(const std::string& dirPath, const std::string& extension);
99 std::string getFirstFileWithExtension(const std::string& dirPath, const std::string& extension);
107 std::string getFirstFileWithExtensions(const std::string& dirPath, const std::vector<std::string>& extensions);
114 std::vector<std::string> getScriptsForPath(const std::string& path);
121 std::string getDirectoryForFilePath(const std::string& filePath);
128 bool openInDefaultApplication(const std::string& path);
135 bool revealInDefaultApplication(const std::string& path);
140 void clearGlobalClipboard();
146 std::string getGlobalClipboardText();
152 void setGlobalClipboardText(const std::string& text);
160 bool stringBeginsWith(const std::string& str, const std::string& prefix);
168 bool stringEndsWith(const std::string& str, const std::string& suffix);
174 std::string getApplicationDirectoryLocation();
180 std::string getAppDataLocation();
186 std::string getHomeDirectoryLocation();
194 bool writeStringToFile(const std::string& str, const std::string& path);
201 std::string percentEncode(const std::string& str);
210 int randomInRange(int lower, int upper);
219 template<typename T>
220 T clamp(T value, T lower, T upper)
221 {
222  assert(lower <= upper);
223  if (value < lower) {
224  value = lower;
225  }
226  if (value > upper) {
227  value = upper;
228  }
229  return value;
230 }
232 template<typename T>
233 void split(const std::string& s, const char delimiter, T result)
234 {
235  std::stringstream ss;
236  ss.str(s);
237  std::string item;
238  while (std::getline(ss, item, delimiter)) {
239  *(result++) = item;
240  }
241 }
249 std::vector<std::string> split(const std::string& s, char delimiter);
255 int getCursorX();
261 int getCursorY();
268 void setCursorPos(int x, int y);
274 std::string getOperatingSystemProductType();
282 bool saveWidgetScreenshot(const std::string& path, QWidget* widget);
284 }
286 }
bool openInDefaultApplication(const std::string &path)
openInDefaultApplication Opens the given path in the default application.
Definition: util.cpp:219
std::string getAppDataLocation()
getAppDataLocation Returns a directory location where persistent application data can be stored...
Definition: util.cpp:260
int getCursorX()
getCursorX Gets the x-coordinate of the cursor in global screen coordinates.
Definition: util.cpp:310
bool fileExists(const std::string &filePath)
fileExists Checks if a file exists, returns true if it does.
Definition: util.cpp:86
void clearGlobalClipboard()
clearGlobalClipboard Clears the global system clipboard contents.
Definition: util.cpp:230
void printToAllScriptConsoleWidgets(const std::string &str)
printToAllScriptConsoleWidgets A convenience function for printing a string to all the GUI console wi...
Definition: util.cpp:58
std::string getGlobalClipboardText()
getGlobalClipboardText Gets the global system clipboard text.
Definition: util.cpp:235
void processApplicationEvents()
processApplicationEvents Processes all pending application events for the calling thread...
Definition: util.cpp:76
std::string getHomeDirectoryLocation()
getHomeDirectoryLocation Returns a path to where the user's home directory is.
Definition: util.cpp:265
bool saveWidgetScreenshot(const std::string &path, QWidget *widget)
saveWidgetScreenshot Takes a screenshot of the given widget and saves it as a .png image to the given...
Definition: util.cpp:330
std::string getFirstFileWithExtensions(const std::string &dirPath, const std::vector< std::string > &extensions)
getFirstFileWithExtensions Gets the absolute file path to the first file with one of the given extens...
Definition: util.cpp:180
std::string readFileAsString(const std::string &filePath)
readFileAsString Reads a file, returning a string containing the contents.
Definition: util.cpp:111
bool revealInDefaultApplication(const std::string &path)
revealInDefaultApplication Reveals the given path in the parent folder (or path with the filename tri...
Definition: util.cpp:224
bool stringEndsWith(const std::string &str, const std::string &suffix)
stringEndsWith Checks if a string ends with the given suffix.
Definition: util.cpp:250
std::vector< std::string > getScriptsForPath(const std::string &dirPath)
getScriptsForPath Gets the absolute file paths to the script files (*.chai) for the given directory...
Definition: util.cpp:192
void setCursorPos(const int x, const int y)
setCursorPos Sets the cursor position in global screen coordinates.
Definition: util.cpp:320
std::string percentEncode(const std::string &str)
percentEncode Returns a percent-encoded copy of the input string.
Definition: util.cpp:290
std::string getFirstFileWithExtension(const std::string &dirPath, const std::string &extension)
getFirstFileWithExtension Gets the absolute file path to the first file with the given extension in t...
Definition: util.cpp:170
bool directoryExists(const std::string &dirPath)
directoryExists Checks if a directory exists, returns true if it does.
Definition: util.cpp:91
void printToConsole(const std::string &str)
printToConsole A convenience function for printing a string to the command-line console.
Definition: util.cpp:53
int getCursorY()
getCursorY Gets the y-coordinate of the cursor in global screen coordinates.
Definition: util.cpp:315
std::vector< std::string > getFilesWithExtension(const std::string &dirPath, const std::string &extension)
getFilesWithExtension Gets the absolute file paths to the files with the given extension in the given...
Definition: util.cpp:159
void messageBox(const std::string &str)
messageBox A convenience function for displaying a message box containing a message.
Definition: util.cpp:69
bool directoryContainsFile(const std::string &dirPath, const std::string &fileName)
directoryContainsFile Checks if the directory contains the given file, returns true if it does...
Definition: util.cpp:96
std::string getApplicationDirectoryLocation()
getApplicationDirectory Get directory that the application is in.
Definition: util.cpp:255
bool stringBeginsWith(const std::string &str, const std::string &prefix)
stringBeginsWith Checks if a string begins with the given prefix.
Definition: util.cpp:245
std::vector< std::string > getFilePathsForDirectory(const std::string &dirPath)
getFilePathsForDirectory Gets the absolute file paths to the files in the given directory.
Definition: util.cpp:122
std::string getDirectoryForFilePath(const std::string &filePath)
getDirectoryForFilePath Gets the directory path from the given local file path.
Definition: util.cpp:208
T clamp(T value, T lower, T upper)
clamp Clamps a value within a range.
Definition: util.h:220
std::vector< std::string > getSubdirectoriesForDirectory(const std::string &dirPath)
getSubdirectoriesForDirectory Gets the absolute paths for direct subdirectories of the given director...
Definition: util.cpp:136
void debugBreak()
debugBreak Forces the debugger to break/halt the application when this is called. ...
Definition: util.cpp:41
std::vector< std::string > split(const std::string &s, const char delimiter)
split Splits a given string into a vector of tokens using the given delimiter.
Definition: util.cpp:303
void setGlobalClipboardText(const std::string &text)
setClipboardText Sets the global system clipboard text.
Definition: util.cpp:240
std::string getOperatingSystemProductType()
getOperatingSystemProductType Returns the product name of the operating system this application is ru...
Definition: util.cpp:325
int randomInRange(const int lower, const int upper)
randomInRange Returns a random integer in the range [lower, upper], inclusive. Note that this uses th...
Definition: util.cpp:297
bool writeStringToFile(const std::string &str, const std::string &path)
writeStringToFile Writes the string to the file path, attempting to overwrite any existing file at th...
Definition: util.cpp:270