Geometrize  1.0
An application for geometrizing images into geometric primitives
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customtabletevent.h File Reference
#include <QGraphicsSceneEvent>
#include <QString>

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class  geometrize::scene::TabletEventData
 The TabletEventData class represents data produced from a Wacom pen/tablet event (in the context of a graphics view) More...
class  geometrize::scene::CustomTabletEvent
 The CustomTabletEvent class represents a tablet event (specifically from a Wacom Pro pen) that can be passed down to items in a graphics scene. More...


 < Energy function passed to the image task worker thread.


enum  geometrize::scene::TabletEventType {
  geometrize::scene::TabletEventType::Move, geometrize::scene::TabletEventType::Press, geometrize::scene::TabletEventType::Release, geometrize::scene::TabletEventType::EnterProximity,
  geometrize::scene::TabletEventType::LeaveProximity, geometrize::scene::TabletEventType::Unknown
 The TabletEventType enum represents the ids of tablet events the Wacom pen/tablet generates. More...
enum  geometrize::scene::TabletEventPointerType { geometrize::scene::TabletEventPointerType::UnknownPointer, geometrize::scene::TabletEventPointerType::Pen, geometrize::scene::TabletEventPointerType::Cursor, geometrize::scene::TabletEventPointerType::Eraser }
 The TabletEventPointerType enum represents the type of pointer generating the tablet event. More...


QString geometrize::scene::tabletEventTypeToString (const TabletEventType &type)
 tabletEventTypeToString Helper function to convert a tablet event type enum value to a string More...
QString geometrize::scene::tabletEventPointerTypeToString (const TabletEventPointerType &type)
 tabletEventPointerTypeToString Helper function to convert a tablet event pointer type enum value to a string More...
QString geometrize::scene::tabletEventDataToString (const TabletEventData &data)
 tabletEventDataToString Helper function to convert a structure of tablet event data to a string More...