Geometrize  1.0
An application for geometrizing images into geometric primitives
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constants.h File Reference
#include <QString>

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 < Energy function passed to the image task worker thread.


const QString geometrize::constants::PROJECT_WEBSITE_URL {""}
 The project's dedicated website URL. More...
const QString geometrize::constants::DEVELOPER_WEBSITE_URL {""}
 The core developer's personal website URL. More...
const QString geometrize::constants::TECHNICAL_SUPPORT_URL {""}
 The technical support webpage URL for the software. More...
const QString geometrize::constants::MORE_RESOURCES_URL {""}
 URL to a webpage providing additional templates, scripts and/or helpful links. More...
const QString geometrize::constants::VIDEO_TUTORIAL_URL {""}
 The video tutorial webpage URL for the software. More...